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Legal Consultants in Dubai

Abdelaziz Alhanaee Advocates & Legal Consultancy advises its clients in a wide variety of sectors, including setting up businesses around the UAE and drafting all necessary documents. Our veteran lawyers and legal consultants in Dubai have successfully managed to get positive results in groundbreaking cases in civil, administrative, mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, corporate structuring, commercial, regulatory advice and agreements.



Civil & Commercial

We offer our clients an experienced team of lawyers with an in-depth knowledge of every type of civil and commercial contentious dispute.  Our lawyers, well-known for their expertise and practical approach, provide the most practical, time-saving and cost-effective solutions for your matters in dispute. Over the years we have successfully assisted our clients with complex dispute matters and regulatory challenges. We often use different methods of alternative dispute resolution to assist our clients and when our cases go to trial, we have a track record of winning.


We resolve all types of construction litigation and international arbitration disputes, our Lawyers are well-rehearsed in every kind of construction litigation across the UAE and the major international arbitration proceedings and forums . We have provided a wide number of our client’s exceptional service and success by implementing the right strategies to meet their expectations. Our trained Lawyers provide every effort to reach your expected outcome in a timely, most-effective and efficient manner.


Our experienced team of Lawyers offers services to its clients on a wide range of employment matters. Having extensive knowledge of the UAE labor laws, we provide you with the utmost resolution for your employment matters including employment support, litigation and much more. We provide distinguished employment litigation services that are highly successful in the region. Our lawyers are very knowledgeable in all areas of UAE labor law and widely well-known for their high success rate in their employment litigation cases.

Real Estate

Our real estate litigation practice is highly recommended in the region and our Lawyers are known for their exceptional litigation knowledge and experience. We assist our clients with litigation at all levels of UAE Courts. Our service is exceptional and comprehensive and we pride ourselves in being one of the best real estate litigation team in the region.


With our expertise of over 25 years of experience covering a broad spectrum of complex criminal cases, we provide you with the best representation to resolve your criminal litigation matter. Our lawyers are highly familiar with the local criminal courts.  We have a high success record of the criminal litigation cases which we have represented over the years. Our experienced lawyers also have extensive knowledge regarding all aspects of financial crime including money laundering, breach of trust, fraud, corruption, extradition, and corporate crimes.  And having over 25 years of expertise, we provide extensive advice and representation in relation to your financial matter in dispute. We provide you full legal support from the start of your financial concern to the end and we have represented a number of well-known clients in their financial matters across the region.

Intellectual Property

Our team of experienced lawyers has dealt with a number of successful Intellectual property litigation cases. Having provided advice to a range of local and international businesses, we pride ourselves on being one of the most knowledgeable Intellectual property teams in the region. We can provide you with the most cost-effective services to resolve your intellectual property dispute matter. Our lawyers have extensive knowledge of how to protect your intellectual property rights and we have successfully won a leading number of litigation cases over the years. I represented a local government in a commercial case in a 400 million claim case and we succeeded to get a judgment in favor of our client.


Our firm has a well-established record in providing full legal support in both local and cross border corporate and commercial transactions. We are always at the forefront when it comes to advising the client on structuring their businesses in a legally secure manner or drafting their legal documents to protect their business interests or liaising with government departments for necessary registrations and legal compliance issues. We serve clients across a variety of sectors like retail, infrastructure, technology, manufacturing, real estate, health care, private equity and energy. Our team primarily specializes in the following areas of corporate and commercial practice: Mergers and Acquisitions – conducting legal due diligence, legal structuring of transaction to protect a client from all legal risks followed by documentation and registration; Foreign Direct Investments – company structuring and registration, structuring additional legal contracts to protect client’s investments; Joint Ventures – structuring and legally documenting the responsibilities each venture partner the management of business operations, structuring legal protections on areas of risk. International Trade and Commerce – drafting business contracts, advising on business related legal issues.

International Arbitration

Large construction disputes mostly end up in international arbitrations which are legally complex and requires a law firm sound in both the legal as well as technical construction knowledge. Our team has a strong and hands on experience of international arbitration claims coupled with in-depth project management and engineering know-how which enables us to present our client’s complex technical issues more efficiently and in a simplified way before the arbitration tribunals giving our client a clear advantage in the outcome of a dispute. Some of our team members are regularly sought to serve as mediators and arbitrators for construction disputes. Their experience helps us to provide our client with early and rare insight into how their case will be perceived by the decision makers. Our team has served clients in several high value claims (ranging in hundreds of millions USD) under various major international arbitration rules like the following: -International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), -London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA), -Dubai International Arbitration Center (DIAC) and -Qatar International Court of Conciliation and Arbitration (QICCA). We simply accomplish goals for our clients by creating result-oriented strategies that work in the fastest, most effective and most cost-efficient way. Our team has a very strong command on both English as well as Arabic.

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May 2020

Golden rules for an investor to follow prior establishing a company in the UAE

Most of the investors while setting up for a business in UAE their main concern is the income and expenses without being familiar with the culture of the  Country or City such as customs, traditions and the applicable Laws and Regulations  of UAE. Therefore, the first rule, it is mandatory

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May 2020

The Common Error of some investors regarding the termination of the company without any Legal Liabilities

Accordingly, the partners are not responsible for the company’s obligations except for the shares they have therein regardless of their own money and without any joint liability. This is because the financial liability of the company is separated from that of each partner. Hence, the creditors of the company may

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May 2021


In February 2020, a criminal case was filed in regards to the supply of cars from our Client. The Claimant filed with the accusation of approximately 236 vehicles missing from the shipment on arrival. The claim was filed as “Breach of Trust” with an amount totaling AED 180 million. The

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