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The Common Error of some investors regarding the termination of the company without any Legal Liabilities

Accordingly, the partners are not responsible for the company’s obligations except for the shares they have therein regardless of their own money and without any joint liability. This is because the financial liability of the company is separated from that of each partner. Hence, the creditors of the company may

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Responsibility of partner and manager in limited liability companies

The financial entity of the company is separate from the financial entity of its partners. Therefore, it is not allowed for any of the company’s creditors to make any claims from the partners. It is established in the verdicts of the UAE courts, according to article 218 of the UAE

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Golden rules for an investor to follow prior establishing a company in the UAE

Most of the investors while setting up for a business in UAE their main concern is the income and expenses without being familiar with the culture of the  Country or City such as customs, traditions and the applicable Laws and Regulations  of UAE. Therefore, the first rule, it is mandatory

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Extradition of Criminals

International judicial cooperation is one of the most important aspects of cooperation between countries for crime fighting. There is exigent need to fighting the crime and protecting the society structure, in addition to punishment and chasing the criminal wherever he travels, in order not to avoid the punishment. A criminal

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Enforcement Of Foreign Judgments In The UAE

So, it becomes effectively enforceable at that country as it is enforced in the country where the judgment is rendered. The rule in the UAE is that foreign judgments are not enforced in the country by the force of law. However, when trading relations grew on a large scale among

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Arbitration and Misconception

Merchants and investors may resort to arbitration due to the element of secrecy that surrounds the whole process. Arbitration also saves time and spares effort and money. For this reason, some investors and jurists in some private companies, when drafting contracts between the company and its clients regardless of the

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10 Mistakes Committed By The Buyer Of The Property In Dubai

After the real estate registry regulation law No.13 of 2008 issuance by the Dubai land department, the process of buying real estate becomes more regulated, especially off-plan purchases. Since 2008 there are many numbers of real estate projects in Dubai that have been announced. In addition to entered many new

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Labour & Employment, Lexology getting the deal through

From a Legal perspective, if an investor wants to start a business in the UAE, he/she should follow the golden rules listed below: For most investors, who wish to set up a business in the UAE, their main concern is about the income and expenses. They do not try to

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