Legal Advisor in Dubai

Alhanaee is a law firm that provides legal support and assistance in different spheres of law, covering civil, corporate, administrative, family, intellectual property, business consulting and real estate law. We have built our reputation on the quality of our people, the strength of our client relationships and our innovative approach to complex work. We provide a wide variety of legal services in Dubai related to the company incorporation, Offshore companies, joint ventures, and Free Zone companies. We have a professional team of legal consultants who are adept at helping you with any complicated matter related to your trade. For the best legal advice in the UAE, you can always rely on us.

Why You Need Legal Advisors?

  • Legal advice in criminal, civil, commercial, administrative, corporate, family, land, real estate, maritime law, labor law, corporate law and insurance law. Assist in the protection of the consumer rights, with the unfair practices of your partners, employees and non-licensed advisors.
  • Request for an authorization to obtain information from the public institutions.
  • Registration of the new companies’ turnkey or design partners in existing companies and further legal support on a contractual basis.
  • Trustee management of the immovable and movable property of our permanent contract customers in the UAE.
  • Personal accompaniment in the police and prosecutor’s office.
  • Legal services for the legalization of the decisions made by the foreign courts for consideration by the courts in the UAE, including through the Interpol.

Range of Legal Services We Provide

Accident Claims

We help in fighting all forms of accident claims at any stage of disability. Our specialized team of legal advisors are there to help you fight against the insurance companies and also help you with the court teams.

Criminal Law

Our expert team of criminal lawyers will assist you in all matters related to criminal law. We aim to advocate for your justice and provide you with a fair trial and outcome.

Civil Law

This form of legal practice indulges in issues that influence the everyday life of citizens. Alhanaee focuses on resolving all forms of civil cases as quickly and early as possible.

Property Law

Our real estate services are focused on helping clients in transactions related to both residential and commercial property types.

Litigation and Arbitration

Our experts in the litigation and arbitration will help you in resolving all forms of disputes and will be by your side during lawsuits advocated before the courts.

Maritime Law

Maritime-related legal cases are a strong suit of our firm. Our team operates with a complete understanding of the industry and thus we are able to provide efficient and quick legal solutions.

Labor Law

UAE’s labor law is both complex and is also constantly updated. We provide legal advice and assistance in relation to all forms of labor issues in Dubai and other emirates.

Intellectual Property

Abdelaziz Alhanaee is recognized as one of the leading IP legal consultants in the UAE. Our team of lawyers focus on advocating for clients’ Intellectual property and ultimately help them achieve success in the industry.

Corporate Law

The corporate division of our team handles a client pool that includes government institutions, local and international companies, financial institutions and even individuals.