Extradition Lawyer

Extradition is one of the most complex and fast-developing areas of Criminal Law in UAE and one in which Abdelaziz Alhanaee Advocates & Legal Consultancy specializes.

Our extradition lawyers specialize in all legal and practical aspects of extradition in Abu Dhabi and UAE in order to represent the clients for the best possible conclusion. Our lawyers deal with a full range of extradition cases and advise clients who may at risk of extradition to another country before the actual proceedings are taking place. On the contrary, we represent those who are already going through extradition proceedings.

Available Defenses

  • Political Crimes
  • Diplomatic Protection
  • Conflicts of Jurisdictions
  • Unsuccessful bails

We have advised in many extradition cases including requests for extradition from UAE and abroad. We have given legal advice to various clients whose criminal extradition proceedings filed before the local courts. Our expert knowledge within this field provides great detail in all concerning matters.

We assist our clients through diplomatic channels in the following way:

  1. Our extradition lawyer sends the request to the Ministry of Justice.
  2. The Ministry of Justice sends the request to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (of the requesting party), who then transfers it to the Embassy of the requesting party in the capital of the country after receiving the request.
  3. The Embassy communicates the request to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the requested party, who then transfers this request to the Ministry of Justice.

Our high profile extradition lawyers have a unique international reach and have conducted cases before the courts in various jurisdictions. We lead our way by litigating successful cases in the evolving areas of UAE extradition law. We are focused on providing our services in the most efficient and timely manner in order to meet the expectations of our clients. Besides having solid knowledge and arduous experience in matters related to extradition, we have the highest moral principles.

We also advise on extradition appeals against unsuccessful bail applications and unreasonable decisions. We encourage you to seek our legal advice urgently because extradition can happen suddenly without intimation, within 24 hours following your arrest. We respond immediately, as our police stations accredited lawyers are just a phone call away to advise and represent you at the police station.

If you are facing extradition, feel free to contact Abdelaziz Alhanaee Advocates & Legal Consultancy at your earliest.