Construction Lawyer

Abdelaziz Alhanaee Advocates & Legal Consultancy has gained a considerable amount of experience in construction law. We have professional construction lawyers with solid experience in comprehensive advice to developers, builders and other agents involved in the construction industry of Abu Dhabi and UAE.

We have experts that deal with construction companies, developers, and property owners. Our multilingual team consists of professionals with specific knowledge of construction industry and guarantees a comprehensive service to customers in Abu Dhabi and UAE. Our construction lawyers identify the issues and build a client-focused strategy to achieve a positive result in a dispute through litigation or arbitration.

We advise on all phases of the construction including the tendering of contracts, work packages, the contractual documentation, or construction delays that may have reformed. Our services embrace major development projects from pre-tender stage right through to timely completion as per your aspirations.

With the help of our professional construction lawyers, we conduct the following:

  • Defects and Damages in projects
  • Delay in payments
  • Structural defects
  • Construction Contracts
  • Dispute Prevention
  • Mediation

Our professional expertise allows us to have a complete view of the construction process and be able to accurately understand the needs and risks of our customers to provide them the legal advice that serves to mitigate or isolate any risks. We assist all clients, be they property owners, contractors or consultants. We know the construction environment and its challenges in UAE. We understand the concerns and challenges that our customers face in this ever-changing environment and offer them concrete and effective solutions in various construction disputes.

Our customers can count on our experience and practical approach to obtain advice to make the right decisions. Whether for consulting services or representation in court, we take the time to know our clients for their submitting into account their particular situation.

We promote dispute prevention and sound management of legal risks, and with this in mind, we guide our clients in the implementation of rigorous working methods in the industry. The implementation of such processes often prevents construction disputes and promotes the rights of our clients when difficulties or disputes arise.

Our customers can rely on our professionalism and experience in this area of law and our detailed knowledge of the construction industry of UAE to fully advise on all matters relating to construction law and representation before the courts or through a process of mediation or arbitration.